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New stage in v0.8.5
I've been busy with a new stage for Pixel Driver :o) It's a city stage with 4 lanes of traffic but two lanes have traffic in opposite direction. The stage is s...
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Shadows & New car & Turn indicators in v0.8.5
Hey! It's been a while since I wrote anything here, sorry about that. Pixel driver is still very much in development and I've just added a new car to the game...
Pixel Driver – The best indie game on Xbox One Creators Collection 2017
Awesome news! Pixel Driver won the award as the best indie game on Xbox One Creators Collection 2017 by The hidden levels. The competition was fierce and I’m...
Pixel Driver v0.8.2 is out with a brand new style
Hey! I’ve published a few updates for Pixel Driver without updating the blog again, sorry just too busy with the gamedev stuff. v0.8.0 brought a whole new s...
Pixel Driver v0.7.8 is out
Pixel Driver has received a great reception so far on Xbox One with over 200+ downloads and 6 reviews all 5 out 5 in rating. Thank you all for the support, feed...
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Pixel Driver is out on Xbox One!
Great news, Pixel Driver is available on Xbox One :o) The game is far from completed but I’ve deiced to release it on Xbox One and Android in a sort of Early...
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Game mechanics in place and Android beta is out
Game play mechanics After testing with different game mechanics I've come to the conclusion that fuel was more logical and that you also need to refuel at gas...
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More randomness
Hey! I've got another alpha build that you can try :D This build mostly changes things behind the scenes which makes it easier for me to develop the game but t...

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