Pixel Driver v0.8.2 is out with a brand new style


I’ve published a few updates for Pixel Driver without updating the blog again, sorry just too busy with the gamedev stuff.

v0.8.0 brought a whole new style to the game using outlines around objects creates a more distinct and cartoon style.

Clouds has also been added to the game to give it a more organic feel.


The AI in the game has also learnt to overtake slower cars and also does a better job at breaking for objects. Speaking of objects now there are obstacles that occur after a while which blocks the road.

Get the Xbox One & PC version here
PC DRM Free on itch.io here
Android here

Whats new in v0.8.2?
* Android first real release.
* New Feature: When cars or upgrades are possible you will get a notification about it.
* New Feature: When you run out of fuel but still manage to refuel before the car stops then you can keep going.
* New feature: You can set the Toon level in settings.
* New Feature: Game will auto set graphical level based on performance of device.
* New feature: Added localization, now you can play the game in your own language (English, Swedish, Danish, Germany, Spanish and C)
* Improved: More twitchy controls through joypad, faster respons.
* Improved: AI Made the full stop a little softer.
* Improved: Added loading text on menu when level loads.
* Improved: Coins x2 is more visible on Android.
* Fixed bug: On Android you only needed to touch the screen once to keep on going without the need to tap after you run out of fuel.
* Fixed bug: You could play a locked car by just pressing back in the garage :/
* Fixed bug: Players new name was not saved properly.

Whats new in v0.8.1?
* New Feature: Road can be closed.
* New Feature: New soundtracks.
* Improved: Tweaked the AI even more.
* Improved: Increased player cars turn speed.
* Improved: Added re-fuel stations on both sides of the road.
* Improved: New re-fuel stations.
* Improved: Lot’s of smaller tweaks.

Whats new in v0.8.0?
* New feature: Warning when a car is approaching you from behind.
* New feature: Added pretty clouds.
* Improved: Changed graphical style to a more cartoon style (cellshading).
* Improved: AI cars can change lanes and are better a breaking for other cars.
* Improved: Variation to desert level with more objects.
* Improved: Added cars that drive faster then you and pass from behind.
* Improved: Fuel is filled up when tutorial is done.
* Improved: Cameras distance from players car varies slightly depending on the car you are driving.

Whats new in v0.7.9?
* New car added!
* Fixed bug: Coins and fuel cans could spawn on other objects such as trees, signs and more.
* New Feature: Added fuel gauge.
* Improved: Increased speed of all cars.
* Improved: Increased how much the car turns.
* Improved: Changed how acceleration works, faster cars accelerate even faster.
* Improved: Adjust difficulty, make is slightly harder, traffic jams are a bit heavier.
* Improved: Traffic Level increases over time making it harder to just go at full speed.
* Improved: Itch version gets 2x coins too.
* Improved: Coins and fuel cans drop more often if you drive faster. Before it was based on only time.
* Improved: Coins and fuel cans drop less frequent as the game proceeds making it more difficult over time.
* Improved: AI cars do not spawn while tutorial is running.
* Improved: Added support to quit the game with Esc or use back button on mobile.
* Improved: Add B button icon on Xbox One instead in of back texts and icons
* Improved: Add icons in cross game promo, xbox, android, windows
* Changed: Upgrades price is based on default upgrade levels.
* Changed: Increased prices of new cars.

Whats new in v0.7.7?
* New Feature: Hall of fame
* New Feature: Ability to change name
* Improved: Names and flags are a little bit transparent now
* Improved: “Lines” marking where the other players best distance was is less transparent now.
* Improved: First car has a bumper.
* Improved: Increased resolution if flags.
* Improved: Game over screen is slightly less transparent.
* Improved: Added loading splash screen on Xbox One
* Fixed bug: Sorting flags and player names when you pass them now works properly.

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