Snake vs Snake v1.3.6 is out!

One of our Discord members, Neube, requested to have a volume slider in the game for the SFX. It's a great suggestion and it should have been in the game from the start but was lost somewhere in the development process. 

Keep the suggestions coming and feel free to join our Discord Server

An Xbox streamer contacted us about missing Snake vs Snake on Mixer. com and that has been fixed now so you can happily stream Snake vs Snake now. 

Change log
* New feature: Ability to adjust SFX volume
* Improved: Volume UI works more like sliders now. You can use the stick to increase/decrease volume
* Improved: Reduced the sfx volume when you pickup an apple


Snake vs Snake v1.3.9 24 MB
Version 23 Jul 27, 2019
Snake vs Snake Linux v1.3.6 40 MB
Version 2 Jul 27, 2019
snake-vs-snake-mac 29 MB
Version 6 Jul 27, 2019

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