Trying to get the Nintendo Switch update out and fixing bugs

Sadly the v1.2.3 update got stuck in the Nintendo certification queue for a very long time and just in the last moment they detected a tiny bug that needed fixing. Since the PC and Xbox version had several updates since then I decided to create a v1.2.9 update for all platforms. 

In this update I've mostly fixed bugs and some exploits that users have found to get really get scores in the Hall of fame.  


Above is a funny bug where the Snakes just kept growing the in leaderboard for battle mode .

This update is also out on Xbox One and is being certified for Nintendo Switch , unclear when it will be available but I'll keep you posted. 

I hope that you will enjoy the new update and keep sending feedback in our  Discord Server.

Complete change log v1.2.9

* Improved: Remove exploit where you could restart a level when you were about to die to get a good time or survie longer.
* Improved: Leaderboard sorting type is now included on Nintendo Switch in the header. 
* Fixed bug: On Nintendo Switch the game would crash if you closed it while the game was paused.
* Fixed Bug: Using Nintendo Pro controller displays wrong button in the leaderboard.* 
* Fixed bug: Country and name save button was not aligned.
* Fixed bug: Snakes grew to long on the leaderboard if you pressed play again. Reset was not done properly of player scores.

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