Support for 6 players is finally out on Nintendo Switch!

Awesome news! 

Snake vs Snake v1.3.0 just passed certification on Nintendo Switch which adds support for 6 players, the ability to set snake speed and customize battle mode and improved graphics. Pretty much all the good stuff that you have been able to enjoy for months already here on itch.  

There is one bug fix that isn't out on PC yet and that is because I'm reworking the leaderboard system for speed runs to make it more interesting, more info will be available about this shortly. 

Complete change log v1.3.0

* Fixed bug: Fixed sign in problems on Xbox One.
* Fixed Bug: In hardcore mode if you would exit to the main menu while playing the game the score didn't reset which means you could easily get a really good score by just playing level 1 lots of times.
* Fixed Bug: When the Snake was running fast and you made a very fast turn it could kill you. This happens a lot more on PC than it did on consoles. 

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