Snake vs Snake v1.3.5 is out!

I got a feature request from a player asking for the option to disable power-ups in the Tail Runner battle mode so he could be able to play the game "Tron lightbike" style. In the patch I took this one step further so you can disable power-ups in all battle modes so you can also play regular Snake and use more tactics to win against your opponents. 

Contrasts on some of the power-ups have been improved as requested by another player. 

A bug that causes snakes to re-spawn when you added a new AI opponent has also been fixed. 

Keep sending feedback and don't by shy to send feature requests. 

Complete change log v1.3.5 

* Improved: Added option to disable all power-ups for people who just want a pure Snake experience, tactical style.
* Improved: Add more contrast to the slow down power-up.
* Fixed bug: Pressing Y adds an AI snake to the game in battle mode. But if there already was 6 snakes in the game then pressing Y caused dead snakes to respawn.


Snake vs Snake Linux v1.3.6 40 MB
Version 2 Jul 27, 2019
Snake vs Snake v1.3.9 24 MB
Version 22 Apr 24, 2019
Snake vs Snake Linux v1.3.6 40 MB
Version 1 Apr 24, 2019
snake-vs-snake-mac 29 MB
Version 5 Apr 24, 2019

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