Boss fight in a Snake game? Sure why not!

I've been considering to add boss fights into Snake vs Snake for a while now and now I'm happy to announce that there is a boss in the game :)

The steam release is "done" unless any major bugs are found and the release date is 29th of March.  You can either order the game from Steam or itch.  I'm already working on the Nintendo Switch update and I think it should be fairly easy but I did some changes how controllers are assigned to suit the Steam QA team which may cause some issues with Switch. 

After this I'm not currently planning anymore updates, or at least not for a while. This game is now 1+ year old and its time to focus on new projects. 

Complete change log v1.3.4
* Boss fight

* New Feature: Added ability to adjust music volume
* Improved: In endless mode the increase of the speed of the Snake is less dramatic when you pickup apples.
* Improved: Added option to enable support for 6 gamepads on PC. This disables vibration on gamepads as a side effect.
* Improved: Players only get assigned to joypads/joysticks in multiplayer mode. This allows players to use a gampad for P1 while P2 gets a good keyboard layout. So with 2 gamepads and a keyboard you can play 6 players.
* Improved: Players are no longer locked to a certain gamepad. Meaning P1 will always be the first player what ever gamepad presses the start button.
* Improved: Adjusted volume of start sound and it's only played in Battlemode. 
* Improved: When going back from battle mode you will end up on the battle mode selection screen again making it easier to change settings and swapping between modes.

* Improved: Starting battlemode on PC, Mac shows keyboard layout.

* Fixed Bug: Review screen has wrong colors on letters when it says loading
* Fixed bug: The game runs at different speeds in certain cases in endless mode.
* Fixed Bug: When un-pausing with a gamepad the speed-up power up is triggered.
* Fixed bug: When firing a shot it could kill the player firing it in rare cases.

Steam specifics:
* Improved: Game pauses when Steam overlay is activated.
* Added new achievement, Crabber, on Steam.


Snake vs Snake v1.3.9 24 MB
Version 21 Mar 15, 2019
snake-vs-snake-mac 29 MB
Version 4 Mar 15, 2019

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