Twilight Tower Defense Open Development - Week #10


I was contemplating for a long while whether or not I should make a post this week. The reason for that is that I didn't make a lot of progress on Twilight Tower Defense due to the release of Super Jumpy Ball on Nintendo Switch. But then I realized that this is exactly why I need to do it! Working with indie games often means that you work solo or in a small team and at times you are not as productive as you'd like to be. In the end it's all about pushing through that and get back on the horse!

As always if you like this game and the concept head over to the Discord Server and give me a hand with features, feedback and ideas that I can add to the game. 

What have I been up to this week?

Super Jumpy Ball was launched on Switch last Friday and the week was spent doing a lot of marketing and of course some bugs was found in the last minute.  When it comes to Twilight Tower Defense the focus is still on Towers and I did manage to get one features implemented related to that.   There is a new version that you can play here on itch, this is what's new in it:    

Restock Bow Tower with arrows   
The bow tower, that was added a while ago, has a set number of arrows in it's stock. After a while it will run out of arrows and will display a large ! sign. There was no way to restock arrows and when it ran out of hours it was just a sitting duck. Now you can restock the tower but it's a little bit awkward, fire an arrow close enough to the Tower and it will drag it into it's stock. In the future I'll add the ability to add more than 1 arrow at a time. 


Bow damage
Before the Bow did equally amount of damage regardless how much you pulled it back. That is changed now so the longer you pull back the bow the more damage it will deal, and the same goes for your enemies, so archers are more deadly now. Headshots require a certain amount of force otherwise they won't count as critical kills. 

Detailed change log v0.1.9
* New Feature: The longer you pull back the bow the more damage it does. If the force is too low enemies won't die from a single headshot.
* New feature: Bow turrets pulls in arrows close to the tower to resupply.


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Version 5 Sep 09, 2019

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