Missile dash is a fast paced arcade shooter in which you dodge missiles, dodge bullets and defeat your enemies by using your top gun skills.


This game is in a very early stage and only offers a very limited set of the features intended. This means that you can influence the direction the game is taking. Join the discussion on our Discord Server.

The goal is to develop:

  • 2-4 player battle mode
  • Missions where you have a number of set objectives to complete
  • Different unlockable planes
  • Addons that you can fit on your plane
  • Multiplayer <BIG MAYBE>


Avoid all missiles and bullets as long as possible. In mission mode do the same but also take out your enemies.


Use A & D steer the plane left and right. Q to change altitude between flying low and very low. If you use W & S if you are using manual altitude control. 

Dash with the left shift button. You can only dash for a short while and then it needs to recharge to reach full capacity again. 

Fire bullets with space.
Fire missiles (only possible in some game modes) with E.

Gamepad is supported and recommended!

Development log


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What is more important Multiplayer mode or Single Player Missions? Need to make some hard choices of what to focus on first.